About Us

A sustainable future for sports nutrition.

We’re transforming the way the world does sports nutrition with the first animal-free, real dairy whey protein. Proving that high performance and low environmental impact can work together, we’re here to power your workouts, while protecting our planet.

V-Whey Protein California Performance Co.

Train with a conscience,
without compromise.

We create products that deliver the highest quality, real dairy nutrition – without the environmental impact. So you don’t have to choose between performance or the planet. You can have both.

Stronger you. Healthier planet.

Animal-free whey is naturally kinder to the planet as it cuts out the greenhouse gases emitted by livestock – a significant contributor to the climate crisis. But we also make sure the rest of our production processes are as sustainable as possible, so that performing at our best today doesn’t cost the generations of tomorrow.

V-Whey Protein California Performance Co.